Universal Parcel Tracking: A Fresh Solution for Warehouses

Universal Parcel Tracking: A Fresh Solution for Warehouses

Every so often, a technology comes along that leaves businesses with no choice but to do away with the outdated ways of doing things. In the warehousing industry, one such technology is universal parcel tracking offered by WINN Solutions.

In warehouses where handling times are extremely sensitive and setting up a reliable chain of custody is critical, universal parcel tracking provides three key benefits for operators:

  1. You Get More Free Time Compared to Manually Logging Internal Packages.
  2. You Have an Accurate Way to Look Back at the Chain of Custody Should Any Problems Arise, like Missing or Delayed Packages, for Example.
  3. You Will Notice That Human Errors Are Virtually Eliminated With the Technology.

Optimizing Warehousing Ergonomics

Warehouse operators are beginning to take a cold hard look at current in-house practices to determine the best ways to optimize workflow and tracking processes. One of the common issues being reported is the inefficiency of manually tracking internal packages and setting up a chain of custody for packages that are scheduled for redistribution in-house.

Stepping Up to the Plate to Supply Better Tracking Systems

Starting in-house, warehouse inventory systems from WINN Solutions, for example, are revolutionizing the way warehouses handle internal packages on a day-to-day basis.

With the WITS system, all internal connections in the supply chain are synced with each other. This means that warehouse managers can keep an accurate account of the internal inventory’s trajectory and maintain smoother operations in general.

How Universal Parcel Tracking Is Used in Warehouses

When packages are received at a warehouse’s docking station, a universal parcel tracking code is applied to each parcel. A handheld scanner is then used to scan the unique barcode and this step is repeated each time the package crosses someone else’s path in the supply chain.

Compare this automated approach to spending minutes writing or typing in the data on a computer. When all the minutes saved is calculated, the time savings add up to hundreds of man hours each month.

What could you do with this extra time saved?

Warehouse Inventory Systems: A Fresh New Solution Proven to Be a Success

WINN Solutions ultimately expedites internal tracking so that warehouse workers can focus on other key duties. Skyrocket your warehouse’s turnaround times by contacting WINN Solutions today. A free and custom demo can be requested by calling +1 (800) 806-6884.

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