Why Tracking Business Mail is Important

Why Tracking Business Mail is Important

Business owners may question if a parcel post tracking solution is worth the investment.

The best way to answer this question is to talk to employees in the organization who rely on the timely delivery of important mail.

Survey to Determine if an Inventory Tracking System is Needed
Do a quick survey during a slow period in the business day.

If you regularly hear multiple employees requesting updates from the mailroom or front desk, chances are an automated mailroom package tracking system is needed ASAP.

In many cases, employees rely on timely package deliveries to carry on with business. Think of the following scenarios, for instance:

  1. Law Firms – Wait on Wet Pen and Paper Signatures for Legal Contracts
  2. Financial Groups – Rely on Document Deliveries to Approve or Adjust Mortgage and Loan Applications
  3. Industrial Plants – Need Inventory Top-Ups to Run Assembly Lines and Other Parts of the Factory

Banks, schools, law groups and many other genres of business rely on mailroom package tracking to eliminate questions about the whereabouts of business packages, including:

  • The Location of the Package
  • The Last Drop-Off Location of Packages
  • The Signer’s Information
  • The Expected Time of Delivery

Top Benefits of a Parcel Tracking System

Some of the main advantages received by businesses who implement WINN Solutions’ parcel tracking system are:

  • Streamlined Operations Due to Improved Mailroom Efficiency
  • More Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • Improved Accountability Throughout the Chain of Custody

Don’t Place Your Organization at Risk of Financial Loss

To cut down on incidences of lost or misplaced packages, WINN Solutions’ package tracking system can help.

We offer custom solutions for all types of businesses, including banks, college campuses, healthcare institutions, and more. To request a complimentary demo, call 1 (800) 806-6884.

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