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Winn Solutions believes our customers should be given all of the resources they need to make the right decision.

This mentality, combined with a superior state-of-the-art product, is what has allowed Winn to become the leading provider of cloud-based (SaaS) tracking technology. Regardless of your current situation, Winn has compiled a list of resources that are sure to be of benefit.

Winn Solutions believes providing access to helpful documents, white papers, and other files is extremely important for prospective and current customers or value added resellers. For this reason, we have compiled a list of useful documents for your perusal.

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The Winn Item Tracking System (WITS) keeps track of an item’s movement within an organization throughout its lifecycle using barcodes and scanning devices. WITS is designed to simplify the process of organizing, delivering and tracking: mail, packages, supplies, records, inter-departmental transfers and high value assets.

Internal Tracking & Long-Term Planning

How are you going to choose which internal item tracking system will meet your companies’ future demands? Often the job of gathering information for a tracking system is given to mailroom, inventory, or another specialized manager. These managers can become awestruck with the ‘bells and whistles’ when considering such systems.