Automated Inbound Package Tracking

Automated Inbound Package Tracking

Most larger firms have a dedicated mailroom to receive and process incoming mail for redelivery in the organization. The mailroom clerk sorts the various letters and parcels and keeps a paper journal of all mail received. When the mail gets sent out for delivery to different departments and various staff, there’s no way to trace if important items were delivered – except by a word-of-mouth confirmation.

Old Ways of Package Tracking

Businesses that run on efficiency, including law firms, government institutions, or financial corporations have found that manual mailroom processing is cumbersome and inefficient. There is no accountability if the package gets lost in the shuffle.

New Internal Package Tracking Systems

Since the old way of using pen and paper to track packages no longer cuts it for modern businesses, some have turned to excel-based systems to input key data. Excel spreadsheets are a good starting point for keeping track of important internal mail in business. However, this method has many limitations.

  • One, the data must be typed in manually, which takes minutes to do.
  • Two, keeping track of exchanges after the package leaves the mailroom is obsolete.

WINN Solutions picks up where manual tracking leaves off:

  • First, a unique barcode is attached to each incoming mail.
  • Second, a handheld scanner is used to track each exchange through the supply chain.

What used to take minutes is now complete in seconds.

Our package systems are created with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Companies that implement our package tracking systems often save hours each day just by automating the process.

Unbox an Accurate Package Tracking System

Help is on the way if you’re struggling to log and distribute large volumes of mail internally each day. To learn how you can improve inbound package tracking, request a demo from WINN Solutions by calling:

1 (800) 806-6884

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