Parcel Lockers





Quickly and easily
Store important items!

Quickly and easily store important items such as packages, valuable assets or controlled substances, that must be securely locked away and protected against unauthorized access until they are collected by an authorized recipient.

The time consuming process of
Searching for a recipient is eliminated!

With WITS Lockers the laborious and time consuming process of searching for a recipient is elminated. Thanks to the direct assignment of lockers, there is no waiting time to operate a terminal!

Winn Solutions

WITS Lockers can be used without expensive additional equipment. No wiring. Even small installations can be operated and easily expanded.

Only a smartphone is needed to accsess the WITS Mobile app (available for IOS and Android).

WITS offers complete locker units in addition to the locker engineering. Create your individual design by choosing from a wide range of materials and colors. Freely selectable compartment sizes, plus locker size can also be retrofitted. Locker fronts are made from steel or optional HPL.

We have a customized solution for everyone!

How It Works!

  1. Using the WITS app, the operator selects an empty locker to use. Either scan the affixed QR code or choose from a list of lockers.
  2. How do you know when a locker is available? The LED on the locks flash green at regular intervals letting you know that a particular locker is available for use.
  3. After selecting the desired recipient, the operator receives a two-digit opening code and deposits the item(s) in the locker.
  4. The recipient will automatically receive an SMS/email with their locker number and a four-digit Temporary Access Number (TAN) to open the locker and may pick-up the goods at any time.
  5. By direct assignment of a locker and receiving the TAN, the recipient can pic up the content directly, without a laborious login procedure beforehand.


Since the locks are operated wirelessly, cumbersome management via a central terminal is eliminated.


Small installations can be operated and easily expanded. The WITS Lockers are operated offline. wich protects them against manipulation through the internet.



When you combine WITS with the LIVEBOX, the LIVEBOX issues a direct notification to WITS as soon as the recipient has opened the locker. This provides you with a detailed overview of your locker assignment. Clearly see which slosts are in use and which are available. The system also continuously monitors and displays the battery status for each lock.

LIVEBOX runs with a power supply and network connection, that’s it!

The LIVEBOX and the individual lockers communicate via encrypted infrared link.


  • Receiving & Distribution organizations
  • Universities
  • Airports
  • Multi-Tenant Commercial Properties
  • Residential Properties
  • Hospitals
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate laborious and time consuming delivery and retrieval of parcels, mail, and, personal items


Receiving & Distribution

Property Storage - Store and distribute items securely without requiring barcode scaning of assets. This is a simple solution for securely distributing and delivering valuable personal property.

Locker Delivery - Securely deliver parcels, mail and assets to alocker. A customer can determine if one or more scans is required, based on their inbound parcel workflow.

Recipients can be assigned when items are scanned into a locker or the assignment can take place during inbound scanning and sorting.

Multi-Tenant Commercial / Residential Facilities:

WITS Kiosk / BeCode Drop – The perfect solution for deliveries to high rises or multi-tenant properties where courier services, such as UPS, FedEx, and OnTrac can securely deliver parcels without a signature.

The courier operates a simple kiosk application

The apllication includes easy to use instructions

Scan in the item

Selects an avalilable locker

Choose the recipient

The recipient receives a TAN to retrieve their parcels at their convenience.

What Are The Benefits of WITS Lockers?

Increased distribution and delivery times

No more lost time looking for recipients to sign for items

Secure chain of custody and proof of delivery

Convenience for recipients

No waiting in line at the terminal thanks to direct assignment of lockers

Completely custom locker solution

Simple user-friendly applications

Modular system is not daisy chained together like all other locker systems