Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that software can be complicated if you’re not a computer guru, especially a software as complex as WITS. That’s why we compiled a list of frequently asked questions from customers, resellers, and others who have taken an interest in Winn Solutions. If you have other more specific questions that require special attention, please contact us so a representative can properly address your needs.

How much will WITS cost me?

WITS is licensed per workstation seat and per mobile seat. Pricing begins at $1895 per year and includes implementation, training, support and all features. You may qualify for volume discounts or GSA pricing if you represent a government agency. Equipment pricing varies depending on your needs.

My IT department says data security is the first concern with any SaaS application. Is my data secure with the hosted version?

Yes, all data transmitted in and out of WITS is encrypted using Federal agency standards (256 Bit) and is frequently updated and regularly upgraded. WITS is also a certified secure website so you will see the “lock icon” in the lower right hand corner of the web browser which indicates that the site is certified secure. For more details feel free to contact us or to visit to learn more about secure certificates.

How does Winn Solutions service customers using the SaaS version?

We connect to your computer remotely via the internet. This is the same as sitting next to the client at their own computer. This also eliminates the need to schedule a technician to come to your physical site and wait for them to come up to speed on the problem. Our hardware maintenance service agreements include 100% repair and replacement.

Do the maintenance contracts include technical support and version maintenance?

Yes, WITS includes unlimited technical support and free, but not forced upgrades.

Will I be charged per transaction?

No, WITS is licensed per workstation and per handheld computer. There is no charge for the number of tracking applications, transactions or for bandwidth usage.

Does using WITS force a new work process on my existing receiving and delivery processes? Will we have to reorganize our mail routes to “comply” with the WITS item tracking process?

WITS features were incorporated as a result of ongoing feedback gathered over 20 years from corporate mail and receiving managers from many different industries. WITS was the pioneer, “first to market” in automating item tracking. Our clients wanted a system that was flexible and economical while simultaneously providing the information necessary to better manage their packages, people and processes. WITS is now “best in market” allowing you to record, track and report on your current delivery process, as well as give you the tools to analyze and measure all the moving parts of your workflow.

Is the information in WITS sensitive or confidential?

Not usually, but our clients get to make that determination. WITS stores the information typically found on packages such as a tracking number, recipient, carrier and sender. This information is usually already posted on the internet with the sender and carrier. However, WITS secures this data behind “financial transaction level” firewalls and backups for your protection.

Do I have to share a database if I use the SaaS version?

No, you will have your own database and no other client has access to it. In addition, there are partitions between your organization’s specific applications…(i.e. Fed Ex packages vs. asset tracking) that allow you to give access to specific individuals for tracking and reporting data. You can build as many tracking applications as you desire for the same low rate.

How long is data stored in WITS?

Typically data is stored for any period of time that you prefer.

What do I need to get started?

A PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 with the Microsoft .Net Framework and an internet connection.