WITS Mailroom Package Tracking Solution

package-tracking-softwareOne of the most appealing features of WITS is that it’s cloud-based. That means all you need is a Microsoft Windows PC with Internet access. There’s nothing for you to download and no updates to buy.

Flexible solutions for every business need. We put the WITS Technology to work for you.

WITS provides the metrics to professionally manage and improve your mail center operations. Large organizations can use WITS as a standard tracking solution for all types of assets within the company. Each site can have a unique workflow, routes and users or standardization can be implemented across all sites.

WITS Item Tracking
WITS Item Tracking Software
Asset Tracking with WITS
Benefits of using WITS

Enterprise Solution

Cloud Based

Safe & Secure

Automatic Updates

Easily Scalable



Using WITS, verify that the count of items you receive from the carrier or courier is correct.


For users with a lot of deliveries, it is possible to batch items on a manifest for delivery. This saves time especially when delivering multiple items to one place or person.


Input the item(s) to the final destination or recipient and WITS will calculate the delivery route and help sort the items for delivery. Print a delivery route label if you need one.


Upon delivery, obtain a digital signature using the handheld computer. Now you have proof of delivery.

Eventually, someone will look for a specific package and need to know where it is, who signed for it, and at what time. With WITS, the answer is a click away. Each barcoded item can be tracked throughout the company using a scanning device. As long as the package is scanned in, you can track it.

WITS is ideal in any professional mail center. Our sophisticated, yet easy to use, technology brings measurable ROI to many types of organizations by streamlining the receipt and delivery process.

So easy to use, just enter your password and start processing mail. Everything is electronically scanned so you have instant access to your item data. Compared to manual logging, you can save several hours per day.

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