Tracking Solutions for the Digitized Office

Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions for the Digitized Office

Is your business lagging behind when it comes to executing technologies that streamline processes?

WINN Solutions is in the business of transforming how enterprises process and track large volumes of internal mail daily.

Like email technologies that significantly reduce the need for snail mail, our parcel post tracking solutions areeradicating tedious and mundane corporate mailroom processes that do nothing but create bottlenecks and backlogs in day-to-day operations.

The tracking solutions provided by Winn Solutions can be adopted by virtually any type of business, whether this is a law firm tasked with transferring important documents from one department to another, or a college campus that is swamped with parcels that need to be accurately delivered to dorm residents.

These examples are just a few of the many companies that are making the switch and leveraging a more efficient internal parcel tracking system.

WINN’s Parcel Tracking System Explained

WINN Solutions has engineered an advanced and secure parcel tracking system that is easy to use by just about anyone who can scan a barcode or type on a computer.

There are three key pieces involved in the plan:

  • An Itemized Barcode – Itemized barcodes are applied to each package when it arrives at your doors. The barcode replaces a bulky and inefficient manual logging system. Microsoft excel spreadsheets, also, pale in comparison to the faster barcode tracking. With the latter, all processes are automated throughout the chain of custody.
  • A Barcode Scanner – A handheld scanner is used to scan the itemized barcode and enter it into the cloud-based system.
  • A Shared Workflow and Tracking System – Provide authorized users with access to the cloud-based dashboard to peek into the whereabouts of important in-office packages. Users will be able to track the exchanges in real time and verify if the package is indeed delivered in the allotted timeframe.

The three work in synergy to provide front office and mailroom workers with an accurate way to track interoffice mail.

It’s accountable. It’s simple to use. And, more importantly, it shreds hours of sorting, processing, dispatching, and tracking bulk inter-departmental mail.

Get Parcel Post Tracking Built for Enterprises

Reduce the time it takes to process office mail.

With WINN Solutions, there is no lengthy and inconsistent data entry to contend with or unnecessary overheads to spend when processing mail.

To get a custom demo for your enterprise, call +1 (800) 806-6884.

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