Switching from Paper to Barcode Tracking

Switching from Paper to Barcode Tracking

Companies in all industries are making the switch from completing internal tracking on paper to automated barcode scanning methods.

The benefits, everyone can agree, are too considerable to pass up as just another unjustified expense.

The Main Benefits of Barcode Tracking

With a barcode tracking software, businesses that streamline heavy volumes of packages daily, benefit from increased efficiency and decreased time spent sorting and recording the exchanges by hand. Companies who make the switch most often profit from less human error, improved customer satisfaction, and an accurate and expedited supply chain.

Convert to a Systemized Supply Chain

WINN Solutions has perfected the technology of internal package tracking. The WITS simulates what major mail carriers have been using for decades.

Case in Point

Say, for example, a retail outlet has valuable supplies dropped off at the corporate headquarters each day. The corporate head office also features multiple departments on multiple floors.

When workers rely on these drop-offs to complete duties, how can mailroom workers sort through colossal amounts of packages every day while keeping track of every exchange?

In other words, how can the responsible party set up an accurate chain of custody in less time when packages need to be redistributed within an organization?

The answer to this question is with WINN Solutions’ barcode tracking software.

Envision the Possibilities of Implementing Barcode Tracking

Imagine cutting entry times by more than 90% every day. Scan a barcode with a handheld scanner offered by WINN Solutions to complement the tracking software and all exchanges are updated automatically.

Ultimately, productivity rates will soar and less energy will be spent searching for missing and valuable packages throughout the organization.

Migrate to Barcode Tracking

When you invest in barcode tracking software from WINN Solutions, the investment pays off for itself in a short window of time.

Internal Package Tracking Customized by Industry

Due to the time, money, and energy savings garnered from internal tracking systems, companies in all sectors are adopting this new technology. Think law firms, agricultural plants, warehouses, retail sectors, and many other businesses.

Prospective clients will appreciate that WINN Solutions tailors each barcode tracking software to fit perfectly with the business model in question.

Improve Margins and Optimize Workflow

Let WINN Solution set up a seamless way to complete in-house package tracking. In order to take advantage of our complimentary demos, call +1 (800) 806-6884.

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