Protect Your Business with Asset Inventory Tracking

Protect Your Business with Asset Inventory Tracking

In 2017, many of us witnessed the damaging effects of disasters like Hurricane Irma or the wildfires that quickly spread in California.

As mere spectators who watch these events unfold on TV, we often think that a crisis of this nature couldn’t possibly hit close to home – until it does.

Small business owners can’t afford to take this casual stance, however. To protect your assets, preparation is key.

Tips for Business Emergency Planning

Here are a few tips to prep your business for disasters, whether manmade or natural:

Have an Emergency Plan

Many city commissions feature complimentary emergency planning help for enterprises.

To get help implementing an emergency action plan for your small business, visit:

Additionally, contact your local fire department to arrange drills that employees can partake in throughout the year.

Adding an Extra Layer of Security with Asset Inventory Tracking

Whether you started your business with bootstrapping tactics or had the good fortune of securing a venture capitalist for your startup, you understand that assets and cash flow are the lifeblood of any business. To better protect your assets, you need to take stock and keep track now – not later.

Before a crisis hits, business owners should keep track of fixed assets. The process can be automated with WINN Solutions’ asset tracker software.

In the event of a disaster, these logs become helpful for filing insurance claims or applying for federal aid.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Start Tracking Business Inventory

Take a tally of all inventory and assets that promote smooth day-to-day operations in your enterprise.

Asset Tracker Software – A Solution that Fits

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