Parcel Tracking Software Benefits

Parcel Tracking Software

Parcel Tracking Software Benefits

Did you know that an internal parcel tracking system is one of the most popular tools being used by businesses today?

If you’ve never heard of this system, it’s time to get acquainted with this time-saving tool.

A parcel tracking system, such as the one offered by WINN Solutions, does exactly as the name implies. It basically keeps track of inbound mail that is dropped off by major carriers, such as the UPS, USPS, or FedEx. But the tracking doesn’t have to end when the mail is dropped off at your doorsteps.

In this article, we’ll highlight a few examples of how enterprises are benefiting from our internal parcel tracking system.

Examples of How an Internal Package Tracking System Can Help

The following are a few examples of how WITS comes in handy:

  1. Care Packs –Parents and loved ones send these little boxes filled with personal care items, food and snacks, and other essentials to college students. It shows how much you care.

As online buying trends continue to soar and more vendors continue to enter the marketplace, it’s now easier than ever to order care packs for delivery on campus.

The subsequent outcome is college mailrooms experiencing a surge in inbound mail.

With WINN Solutions, you can easily keep track of these care packages from the point of entry to the final drop-off point.

Studies show that internal package tracking software improves overall student and parent satisfaction. Moreover, mailroom staff spend less time processing inbound mail.

  1. Property Managers and Senior Communities – The sudden influx of packages from online shopping isn’t limited to college mailrooms. This trend is widespread in virtually every corner and sector of business.

Some of our most popular clients are property managers and senior care communities.

Similar to college mailrooms, our package tracking system helps bring order to the chaos of handling large volumes of inbound mail that need to be delivered or picked up to/by the intended recipient.

The WITS parcel tracking system essentially helps workers shave more than 50-75% of processing times, as no manual logging is required. It also reduces errors while improving accountability.

Get it for Your Business

Businesses today face unique challenges as an uptick of parcels are delivered for internal redistribution.

To get a timely solution, request a demo from WINN Solutions by calling 1(800) 806-6884.

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