Optimizing Internal Package Tracking for Businesses

Optimizing Internal Package Tracking for Businesses

In many office environments receiving large volumes of incoming mail, communication about a package’s whereabouts gets lost due to non-existing internal tracking.

There is no real way to verify an internal package that was delivered to another department.

To solve, WINN Solutions created an internal tracking system targeted specifically to businesses facing this dilemma.

With WINN Solutions internal tracking system, the process is simplified and audited tracking starts the moment a major carrier hands the package over to mailroom staff.

How it Works

The process is twofold:

  1. A scanner is used to input important data via an itemized barcode. This barcode is read by the handheld scanner every time it reaches a new drop-off or exchange destination.
  2. The scanner syncs to a cloud-based server or dashboard. Here, users can see the complete chain of custody for each document or package.

Ultimately, WINN Solutions increases accountability for each responsible party delivering internal mail in multiple departments. It also decreases the risks of lost or misplaced packages, particularly those that hold a great deal of value.

Who Uses WINN Solutions’ Internal Tracking Software?

From hotels to churches, banks to law firms, colleges to senior communities, and many other industries, WINN Solutions has automated internal tracking, allowing companies to work smarter – not harder.

One of the top companies using the software to date is the NBC Universal Mailroom. In a recent testimonial, the company asserts that the software has saved them time and hassles locating receipt signatures when a package has been lost or misplaced.

In this event, users can backtrack with the click of a mouse – on the cloud-based server to determine the last delivery location.

Get a Cohesive Internal Tracking System Built for Business

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