Modernizing Your Interoffice Parcel Distribution System

Modernizing Your Interoffice Parcel Distribution System

A lot of enterprises today, including law firms, financial institutions, and even colleges feature in-house mailrooms that are swamped with parcels on a daily basis.

For most, sorting, organizing, and redirecting them takes up a significant chunk of the administrative staff’s day. To streamline the process, many resort to hiring a second pair of hands – a mailroom clerk. For other enterprises, however, this additional overhead is simply out of reach.

There is a more cost-effective solution.

To increase productivity and cut the overhead costs of an additional hire, WINN Solutions’ asset tracker software allows you manage incoming mail in a systemized way. You gain full control of how internal packages are transmitted – with automated tracking to boot.

This means if packages become misplaced, as they sometimes do, you can backtrack with a few clicks of the mouse and determine the last place the package was transferred.

What Is Internal Mail?

Internal mail is described as parcels, packages, or letters that are delivered to enterprises for redistribution within an organization.

Asset tracking barcode systems, including those developed by WINN Solutions, present a faster and much easier way to simplify interoffice mail parcel organization.

How Asset Tracking Barcode Works

Figuring out how to use WINN Solutions’ asset tracking barcode is simple – even for staff members who aren’t tech-savvy. Here’s how it works:

  1. First – A Unique Barcode is Assigned to Each Intra-Office Parcel
  2. Second – A Handheld Scanner Is Used to Read the Code Each Time the Package Changes Hands
  3. Third – All Records Are Saved in a Secure and Cloud-Based Software to Keep Track As-Needed

Benefits of Intra-Office Parcel Tracking

Thanks to this technology, enterprises that are aware of their existence are capitalizing on a host of benefits available, including:

  1. Improved Customer Service – The faster employees get to important documents and products, the better it will be for delivering on promises to external clients.
  2. Less Stressed Admin Staff – Front office workers that have previously multitasked to clear out packages in the mailroom or the front of the building will breathe a sigh of relief when logging and tracking are automated.
  3. An Opportunity to Focus on Other Tasks – Most staff today wear many hats. When the mailroom functions are passed on to asset tracking technology, this frees up more time to focus on more important tasks.

Try It – The Results Speak for Themselves

If this is your first time hearing about asset tracking barcode software, you can request a complimentary demo from WINN Solutions.

There are a plethora of competitors on the market today, but WINN Solutions’ systems are defined by the fact that all programs are tailored to your specific needs. To learn more, call +1 (800) 806-6884.

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