Meet the Smartest Package Tracking System On the Block

Package Tracking System

Meet the Smartest Package Tracking System On the Block

WINN Solutions’ package tracking system is one those rare products on the marketplace that makes you wonder and think: where have you been all along?

We’ve been in business for many years and have served countless corporations. Recently, we’ve expanded our reach to businesses of all sizes and in various sectors.

The reason?

We’re consistently studying the market and have identified a growing need. More companies today are taking on a challenge that was once a non-issue. This is sorting, processing, and tracking floods of in-house packages that need to be redistributed between multiple departments.

With the rise of e-commerce and the low barriers to entry for launching services online, many enterprises are growing at exponential rates. With this progression, comes the physical challenge of handling more mail.

The service WINN Solutions offers is specific to tracking inter-departmental mail.

Take the following case in point as an example:

A law firm has expanded its service offerings beyond the regional target market and is now getting clients from coast to coast.

In order to process the legal paperwork, handwritten signatures on notarized documents are mandatory.

The law office features multiple areas of practice, which means that when the mail comes in, enclosing important documentation, these parcels will have to be redistributed internally to the appropriate attorney and department for review.

To ensure nothing gets lost in the equation, the front office staff sets up a data entry system, but if falls short where tracking is concerned.

With WINN Solutions’ package tracking solutions, a barcode is applied the minute the parcel arrives at the door.

The barcode is scanned with a compatible handheld scanner and the date is automatically logged on the backend.

Throughout the chain of custody and until the package arrives at its intended destination, the barcode is scanned every time it is swapped.

This automated synchronization offers more spare time to complete core business tasks. You also get in-depth reporting and analytics to make adjustments where needed.

Track Anything That Moves Internally

Whether you need to trace packages, letters, or inventory, WINN Solutions’ parcel tracking system is the ideal solution for this challenge. If you happen to be out of the office, you can manage the tracking and confirm delivery while away.

To schedule a demo, call 1 (800) 806-6884.

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