The Main Benefits of End-To-End Package Tracking

The Main Benefits of End-To-End Package Tracking

Asset tracking isn’t just for couriers and delivery companies anymore. Companies in all shapes and sizes are implementing inventory tracking software to streamline operations and offer more transparency to customers. If you’re considering a custom solution from WINN Solutions, let’s discuss some of the top advantages of this service.

End-To-End Tracking Defined

The term “end-to-end tracking” describes locating packages between the point of origin and destination in real time. Each industry that uses this platform benefits in distinct ways. For example, a transportation company can track containers and individual contents while educational institutions can account for valuable degrees or financial aid packages, for example.

Top Advantages of Inventory Tracking Software

Generally speaking, end-to-end tracking offers these main benefits:

  • Reduce Unjustified Expenses – Review reports to determine weak links in your shipping processes. An inventory tracking system gives you a complete picture of logistic processes. In the end, businesses get an opportunity to make improvements and cut down on unnecessary expenses.
  • Lower Replacement Costs – With an inventory tracking system in place, both businesses and customers get to see where, how, and when a package was delivered. This reduces incidences of missing or stolen packages. The system ultimately provides a win-win for all parties involved.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage – As more companies are adapting inventory tracking systems, those that skip this feature run the risk of losing customers who demand more. When you invest in information infrastructure, as it’s otherwise known, you join the ranks of companies that are taking advantage of simple game-changing tools such as bar codes and smartphones.
  • Mitigate Delays – Take customer service to a new level of excellence by tracking for potential delays in delivery – and taking action right away. With real-time troubleshooting at your fingertips, you can redirect packages per customer requests or send alerts to drivers enroute in order to prevent further delays.

About WINN Solutions

WINN Solutions offers a simple platform to take control of inventory in all types of industries. We work with all sectors, including education, transportation, government agencies, and much more. With the click of a mouse, you get to spot the precise location of an item or package, and provide key updates to customers, including the time packages were delivered or if signatures were signed.

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