Is WITS Tracking Software Secure?

Is WITS Tracking Software Secure?

Is WITS Tracking Software Secure?

To ensure maximum security of private data, WITS Tracking Software uses some of the most advanced internet security technology available today.

In fact, the system protects information each time a user logs in simultaneously using server authentication and data encryption. The data is, therefore, completely inaccessible to anyone except for authorized users within your organization, namely those in charge of inventory management and/or shipment tracking.

In addition to allowing you to create a slew of unique usernames and passwords, WITS Tracking Software records encrypted authentication information during each session. In addition, the system is hosted on a secure server to prevent any access to potential intruders.

Utilizing multiple leading-edge technologies to ensure security, WITS is certified with Bit Digital Security and VeriSign Encryption.

Encryption is the process of transforming data in a manner that makes it unintelligible to anyone without the proper authorization. In most cases, SSL certificates are used to protect sensitive information. An SSL Certificate is an electronic file that uniquely identifies individuals and websites based on domain, organization and extended validation.

In the domain category, an SSL Certification file ensures that the person or entity requesting a domain has the privilege to use the domain or actually owns it. Organization authentication is performed by validating the existence of the organization or entity using a particular domain name. In fact, organization authentication is the first step in securing various software and internet databases.

Extended validation takes the security one step further by performing an in-depth validation of the user’s or entity’s authenticity starting with a signed acknowledgement.

In order to carry out extended validation an individual or corporation may be required to provide the following information:

  • Physical location
  • All other contact information
  • Confirmation of the rights to use the domain
  • Verification of employment for domain and/or database system user(s)

In using maximum security here at WITS we can ensure that all of you information as well as the information of your employees, clients, and any other entities you may be shipping to is protected at all times.

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