Get an Inside Inventory Tracking System

Get an Inside Inventory Tracking System

Numerous corporations today rely on third-party mailroom staff to distribute incoming mail to various departments within the organization. Think of non-residential buildings with live-in guests, such as a hospital, college campus, or resort, for example.

In order to eliminate loss throughout the chain of custody, WINN Solutions developed a mailroom package tracking software – engineered for businesses.

The inventory tracking system helps companies keep track of all incoming mail and expedites a variety of processes, including recordkeeping and establishing proof of delivery.

A Good Fit for Multiple Businesses

WINN Solutions’ inventory tracking system is popular in hospitals, hotels, and college campuses. Other industries have also adopted the technology to get a better handle on large volumes of incoming mail. Some other applications where our inventory tracking system is prevalent include banks, insurance companies, as well as law firms. All of these businesses share one thing in common:

Law firms, banks, and insurance companies get physical products or valuable documents and assets in the mail for redistribution. However, there are incoming mail pieces that hold an even higher value than physical products in most cases. These include contracts and notarized official documents.

For the sake of the business, and clients’ security, it is crucial that these mail pieces do not get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day business.

That is where WINN Solutions comes in.

Mailroom personnel, both in-house and outsourced, can keep track of all incoming mail with ease. Since a virtual terminal is also synced to each scan, the managing staff can quickly determine if certain tasks are checked off the list – all by logging in remotely to WINN Solutions’ mailroom package tracking system.

Control the Flow of Mail Within

Discover a new and better way of controlling the flow of mail within business. To schedule a free and no-risk demo, call WINN Solutions at +1 (800) 806-6884.

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