Declutter Your Office with Barcode Tracking

Declutter Your Office with Barcode Tracking

Many business owners today face the uphill battle of keeping the office clutter-free. One would think that with email reducing snail mail, the end result would be less paperwork to sort through. While this may be true, there’s another surge of paper trails taking over – mailroom packages.

WINN Solutions has recognized a need for streamlining and decluttering mailroomsin college campuses, law offices, and a host of other enterprises. We have also engineered a practical solution for this need – it’s called barcode tracking.

In order to reduce loss, barcode tracking provides a real-time log of each package’s last whereabouts.

How it Works

  • Get the Package
  • Assign a Unique Barcode
  • Scan the Barcode with a Handheld Scanner
  • Repeat the Scan Every Time an Exchange is Made
  • Ask for a Digital Signature Upon Receipt

Barcode Asset Tracking – A Very Subtle Way to Declutter the Office

Barcode tracking may not seem like an obvious way to declutter and destress from mailroom clutter. But take it from hundreds of enterprises that have signed up for our item package tracking system.

Our WITS program is specifically designed for internal or inter-departmental package tracking. Our users have reported more productivity at the end of the day, less worries and anxieties, and also more free time to complete extra tasks.

Additional Tips to Declutter

WINN Solutions has a few more tips up our sleeves to get rid of clutter in the office and triple productivity rates. Here goes:

  • Donate Unused Items – If you haven’t used office items in over a year, it may be time to part ways. Pay your business’ success forward by donating these items to a charitable organization or to your employees.
  • Get Storage Solutions – When it comes to office organization, one rule of thumb is that there’s a place for everything and everything should have a place. Even if you have a janitorial service provider on call, there isn’t much this provider can do with misplaced items. To keep items in place, be sure to provide employees with clear expectations and training. In the end, it will be a team effort to keep the office clutter free.
  • Invest in Office Ergonomics – Ask yourself if an interior designer is a justifiable expense for boosting productivity. If so, make the call and hire a local expert.

Get Organized With Barcode Tracking

Mobilize mailroom functions and help declutter the office with barcode asset tracking systems from WINN Solutions. To learn more, call +1 (800) 806-6884.

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