Package Tracking Solutions: Managing College Mail

Package Tracking Solutions: Managing College Mail

According to a new report by Fortune Magazine, Amazon has debuted instant pickup services at UCLA. What does this mean for other college campuses around the nation and will your university grounds be affected soon?

The instant pickup basically means that college students can buy groceries and other items online and pick them up at a locker on-site or two minutes away. Some business experts, such as Fortune Magazine, argue that this service won’t be freeing up college mailrooms anytime soon.

The reasoning behind this conclusion, you may ask?

Why would college students drive, bike, or walk a few blocks when packages can be delivered right to their dorm room doors?

Price may play some role in the decision-making process but these savings are marginal, according to the report. What college students actually want is convenience.

Some colleges disagree with this viewpoint and are actually planning for the addition of Amazon Lockers.

To Do or Not to Do?

If you remember college days, it’s an intense period marked by countless deadlines and projects to complete. This is one of the main reasons that college campuses have seen a surge in online shopping.

College students and parents use the internet as a platform to help stock up, access essentials, and even send or receive care packages.

As a result of this growing trend, many colleges have become inundated with mailroom functions.

The good news is that there are solutions for tracking and sorting packages for redistribution on campus.

WINN Solutions offers a package tracking system that combines a barcode and scanner to keep abreast of package locations during the chain of custody.

When a student gets the package in hand, a digital signature is applied to the scanner confirming receipt. This clears the way for accountability and peace of mind on both the college’s and shopper’s part.

The package tracking system further leaves mailroom workers with a more organized way to process packages – without pen and paper.

Make College Life the Best Life

While college life is undeniably hectic, administrators can offer perks to keep top ranking students on board with fringe benefits such as dorm room deliveries. Whatever stance you take, which is either building an Amazon Locker in the near future or sticking with tradition, an internal package tracking system can help.

To look into WINN Solutions for your campus, call 1 (800) 806-6884.

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