Cloud-Based Package Tracking Systems for Enterprises

Cloud-Based Package Tracking Systems for Enterprises

In the past, legacy infrastructure systems limited businesses interested in setting up a reliable supply chain for high volumes of inbound packages. The disadvantages of such systems included a predisposal to malware and compromised security.Legacy infrastructure systems also required added investments to manage the systems, such as a full-time IT specialist.

Fast forward today and enterprises in search of better and more manageable systems will come across attractive package tracking systems, like WITS, which are cloud based.

The Benefits of Cloud Based Package Tracking Systems – WINN Solutions

If your company gets several packages delivered for redistribution year-round, consider the following benefits of cloud-based package tracking:

  • It Is Scalable – WITS’ package tracking system can be customized based on your business’ needs.
  • It is Secure – WITS is trusted by top names in various industries, including FedEx, Universal, Aramark, Syngenta, and Neiman Marcus, just to name a few examples.
  • It Is Simple to Onboard and Manage – Business owners need not invest hours in learning the ropes of how to use the package tracking system. Enterprises can quickly set up the system and train staff in minutes. What does the process entail? Simply swipe the barcode with a handheld scanner provided by WINN Solutions and the end-to-end tracking information is automatically stored in the cloud.
  • It Provides Real Time Updates – Learn where the package is based on the last exchange. WINN Solutions provides comprehensive internal tracking from receipt to delivery.

Supplementary Web-Based Features – On Demand and Remote Tech Support

WINN Solutions takes pride in providing all-inclusive internal package tracking systems that save enterprises time and money. As a partner on your team, there’s no need to invest in the additional overhead of an IT expert.

WINN Solutions offers around-the-clock support for our clients. Should issues arise, simply download “TeamViewer” on the website.

After downloading the software, a certified technician prompts you to provide access to your system. The technician then troubleshoots and solves issues remotely.

Get End-To-End Internal Tracking That is Fully Automated

Winn Solutions cuts out the middleman by offering services directly on our site. Our package tracking systems are consistently tested and updated to provide a dependable way for enterprises to track inbound packages automatically.

When you choose WINN Solutions as your internal package tracking system provider, we offer the competitive advantage of faster and more reliable tracking services.

Request a demo or call WINN Solutions at +1 (800) 806-6884 to learn more.

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