British Companies Ban Online Shopping Deliveries at the Workplace

British Companies Ban Online Shopping Deliveries at the Workplace

A few years ago, the Daily Mail published a report highlighting that several UK-based enterprises began taking measures to ban employees from using corporate headquarter addresses to receive personal mail.

This begs the question: Will US enterprises follow suit?

Online shopping has steadily been on the rise in the past few years. You can chalk up this trend to convenience.

Name any product you want, for example, and chances are you can order it online from the comfort of home – or the office. Since we no longer have to make time-consuming commutes to find the things we love, it makes sense that the majority of the population would turn to e-commerce.

Missing the Package Delivery

The challenge that was seen in the UK, however, was that online shoppers often ended up missing deliveries from mega carriers. To solve this issue, they turned to their second home – the workplace where we spend a good portion of our days.

This move by UK online shoppers resulted in some accidental hiccups for administrative staff. The overflow of retail package deliveries basically caused a backlog in front offices.

Shouldering the Burden of Sorting Internal Mail

For US-based companies reading this post, there is a better way to address the issue compared to a total ban on personal mail deliveries at the office.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

Consider adding an inventory tracking system to your business’ mailroom or front office to automate the process of recording and trailing packages in-house through various subdivisions within the organization.

You’d use a simple barcode and handheld scanner to record each time a package changes hands. Managers also get an opportunity to keep track of parcels’ whereabouts online.

How Popular is Inventory Tracking Software?

There are numerous US companies implementing this new technology in business as they too begin to see an influx of personal shopping deliveries in business. To promote a flexible work culture and offer employees new perks that aid in reduced turnover rates, a quick and cost-effective solution is an inventory tracking system.

Fringe Benefits That Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

Your employees work hard year-round. Help them enjoy the fruits of their labor by accommodating special requests to accept personal packages at the office. WINN Solutions can help you systemize the process of handling high-volume incoming mail for prized employees in your company. To learn more about pricing and how it works, call +1 (800) 806-6884.


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