Barcode Tracking Software for Colleges

Barcode Tracking Software for Colleges

Most college campuses today are experiencing an influx of mail deliveries. To manage a better college mailroom, consider adding WINN Solution’s barcode tracking system.

Given that small college campuses average around 5,000 students and larger precincts have more than 30,000, according to College Data, a state-of-the-art barcode tracking software is an asset that quickly pays for itself over time.

Powerful Data Capturing Capabilities

Using barcode tracking software, college mailroom workers can automate recording and tracking. When the process is systemized, mailroom workers end up spending significantly less time sorting through inbound mail.

What’s Causing the Increase in Inbound Mail?

What’s so different about today’s college mailrooms compared to years past, even though the population is the same?


  • Online Shopping – College students leverage online shopping to score better deals and get tangible products delivered to dorm rooms. There are no long lines or commutes to contend with. Parents too, use many online care pack sites to send the message of love, hope, and good cheer to their children.
  • Seasonal Spikes – During holidays and special occasions, an increase in the number of incoming mail should be expected. College mailrooms should plan ahead for the challenge of sorting and distributing more deliveries by setting up WITS in advance. From Christmas to New Year ’s Day, back-to-school to graduation, and other important occasions, WINN Solutions has you covered from receipt to delivery.

Ditch the Spreadsheet

Invest in WINN Solutions’ mobile barcode tracking system. The system is fully automated. It decreases the incidence of lost packages. In addition, when barcode tracking is integrated into college mailrooms, an increase in parent and student satisfaction is typically reported.

Invest in the Most Trusted Internal Asset Management Solution

Bid farewell to outdated ways of logging inbound packages in college mailrooms. Whether your mailroom receives 10s or 100s of packages per day, WINN Solutions is the most popular barcode tracking system on the market today.

Not Just for College Campuses

WINN Solutions serves as a lifeboat when companies are drowning in a sea of inbound mail. We also serve enterprises in all industries.

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