The Only Asset Tracker Software You Ever Need

The Only Asset Tracker Software You Ever Need

WINN Solutions captures important data about a package’s whereabouts and forwards it to a secure cloud-based server. This information can be accessed by all authorized users in a company’s network, streamlining the process of completing audits of internal package redistributions.

Some of the top companies that are using this type of asset tracker software include financial firms, law offices, medical practices, and even college campuses that are now facing increasing volumes of package deliveries.

In essence, the tracking doesn’t have to stop when major carriers drop off important packages at your doorsteps.

Other Benefits of WINN Solutions Asset Tracker Software:

  • Simple Change Management – WINN Solutions’ asset tracker software can be used immediately upon arrival at a company’s headquarters.

Simply use the handheld scanner to scan and sort mail, then log into the digital dashboard to see the package’s progress throughout the chain of custody.

The tracking is updated when an exchange is made and a new scan is completed in another location. There are no wait times and training takes just minutes to do.

  • Simple Reporting – WINN Solutions cuts back hours each week when workers’ job duties include creating internal mail delivery reports for accounting purposes. The asset tracking software consolidates all the necessary information, which can be downloaded, emailed, or printed at any time.

Examples of WINN Solutions at Work

The following list is a quick breakdown of some of the top industries and companies using WINN Solutions’ asset tracker software today:

  • Healthcare – Premara, Kaiser Permanente
  • Government – IRS, Nora, New York City Housing Authority
  • Education – Harvard, Arizona State University, HMS
  • Retail – Neiman Marcus, Helzberg Diamonds
  • Services and Utility – FedEx Freight, Southwest Gas, Aramark
  • Science and Technology – Syngenta Lockheed Martin

Become a Leader in Optimized Mailroom Practices

To learn what WINN Solutions can do for you, schedule a demo by calling 1(800)-806-6884.

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