5 New Trends That Are Changing the Way Law Firms Do Business

5 New Trends That Are Changing the Way Law Firms Do Business

The only constant in life and business is change. Law firms aren’t exempt. To compete in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, attorneys in virtually all fields must be flexible enough to learn and grow. Otherwise, they run the risk of becoming obsolete. Let’s take a closer look at trends that are transforming the business of law:

1. Simple Document Automation

With sites like Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom available 24/7, consumers have a simple option to purchase legally binding contracts that can be recycled for similar dealings. Many lawyers have taken note and are tapping into automation software to get a slice of the market share.

Here’s a case in point: Supposing a real estate agent successfully closes multiple leases over the course of a year. Rather than paying the same attorney to draft a contract every time a deal is closed, an automated document can be used time and again with just a few tweaks. Savvy lawyers can turn a profit by targeting multiple agents in various locations with the same service.

2. On Demand Technologies

From mobile apps that help you connect instantly to local service providers to face-to-face virtual meetings that save you time and energy, the most digitally savvy law firms are leveraging these technologies to become readily available to clients around-the-clock. This is illustrated when attorneys turn to platforms like join.me, Skype, or Google Hangouts for consultations.

3. Targeted Online Marketing

In the past, lawyers relied on traditional tools of marketing to get the word out about their practice. The standards of choice were Radio, TV, and direct mail advertising. Thanks to the internet, lawyers have more options to connect with clients beyond their local reach. Hosting a simple website, for example, opens up a world of possibilities to connect with more paying customers based elsewhere.

4. Flexible Freelancing

Long gone are the days when attorneys didn’t have a choice but to work tirelessly in order to stay relevant and profitable. With freelance sites popping up all over the internet, both independent and partner attorneys now have the freedom to work when they want. The freelance culture also presents the option to complete assignments from any location – saving lawyers high rental overheads.

5. Internal Package Tracking Systems

Law firms frequently send and receive highly confidential documents and contracts each day. In large corporate law firms, it’s hard to keep track of where hundreds of important packages are each day. To streamline the process, law firms are turning to internal tracking software such as WITS (Winn Item Tracking System). The system keeps an accurate log of the entire chain of custody, so team members know exactly where each package, containing confidential and valuable information, is located.

We Help With Tracking

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