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Enterprise owners wear many hats, one of which is keeping track of important assets sent and delivered through the company’s doors. Even with a solid courier in place, packages sometimes slip between the cracks and managers are left scrambling to pinpoint the item’s location. That’s where barcode asset tracking software comes in.


Quick Answers to Looming Questions

With this software in place, enterprises can independently answer and verify two main questions:

  • Where Is the Package’s Whereabouts?
  • Who Was the Last Person to Handle the Package?


What Is Barcode Tracking Software?

This software raises the bar in how organizations keep track of valuable packages. Using a simple barcode for data capturing, you can tell when and where the package was moved. WINN Solutions delivers a robust, easy-to-use, and cost-effective alternative to expensive barcode tracking systems.


Reliable Barcode Tracking Software

For more than 20 years, WINN Solutions has invested time and research in finding the best quality tracking hardware and software for enterprises, large and small. We utilize Citizen Thermal Label Printers for fast printouts of batch barcode labels. These are thick, wide, and durable for keeping up with bulk demands.

In business, we understand that every minute counts. This is why we use lightweight and portable Panasonic Toughpad all-in-one handhelds that are built for harsh work environments, including wetness, heat, or gloved hands. Another option is our ergonomically designed Datalogic handhelds that are built for industrial automation. These are cord-free, built-to-last, and super-fast at capturing data.


Translating Data in Real Time

With our barcode tracking software from WINN Solutions, simply login to our virtual platform and access real-time data, presenting when and where your package was received or delivered. We take the guesswork out of asset management at a cost that’s right for you.


Skip Time-Consuming Manual Logging

Make the better move by consulting with us for trustworthy barcode tracking software. Our representatives may be reached by calling (800) 806-6884.

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