WINN Solutions Engineers Ingenious Plan to Partner With Panasonic

WINN Solutions Engineers Ingenious Plan to Partner With Panasonic

A press release published by electronics corporation, Panasonic, paid homage to WINN Solutions for our contributions to the bottom line of various industries.

Pairing Panasonic’s rugged handheld scanners with WINN Solutions’ easy-to-use inventory WITS tracking software, the duo is considered to be disrupting organizations – in a positive way.

In the past, setting up an internal chain of custody was a challenge for most sectors, including banks, schools, warehouses, and other businesses handling heavy volumes of incoming mail.

With WINN Solutions’ software, companies get a simple way to trace different types of packages throughout centers of operations. This is achieved by scanning a barcode with a Panasonic reader. The information is then stored digitally for reference in real-time.

One industry leveraging the system is the retail sector, where returns for goods purchased are common. The WINN Item Tracking System (WITS), along with the rugged Panasonic handheld scanner, offer threefold benefits:

One, employees can note the trajectory of returns within the firm. Two, customers can receive quick updates about the package status online. Finally, retail stores can salvage returns to mitigate loss and boost profit lines.

The financial sector is also employing the Winn Item Tracking System (WITS) to track the exchanges of checks, certified mail, and other important documents internally. In firms specializing in money management, it’s not uncommon for these documents to pass through more than a dozen hands.

Before collaborating with Panasonic, WINN Solutions needed a more practical solution to keep up with demands. To supply a portable handheld solution that could withstand heavy use and supply reliable performance, WINN Solutions turned to Panasonic.

Known in the electronics industry for its unwavering performance, the partnership now provides customers with a dependable way to set up and maintain an accurate chain of custody.

According to Jason Elder, the vice president of WINN Solutions, “We needed a handheld tablet that would be durable and easy to use, as our customers are not IT pros.”

With Panasonic, the Winn Item Tracking System (WITS) was able to live up to the high standards advertised and ultimately facilitate customer retention and business growth in the industries served.

WINN Solutions is proud to have made the decision to substitute our own handheld devices and team up with Panasonic to supply our Toughpad FZ-X1 and Toughpad FZ-N1 handhelds. The full case study of how WINN Solutions can increase productivity and cut service times in business can be found here.



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