Handling Large Volumes of Care Packages in University Mailroom Centers

Handling Large Volumes of Care Packages in University Mailroom Centers

When high school grads leave the nest and fly off to college for a brighter future, parents naturally worry. In recent years, the commercial gift package industry recognized an untapped market and set the wheels in motion to fill the gap with care packages.

According to Time Magazine, the most popular college care packs contain food and snacks, hygiene products, gift cards, baked goods – and simple products to make college life feel more like home.

Streamlining College Mailrooms

The increasing rates of college care pack purchases have left many university mailrooms scrambling for a solution.

The challenge remains when mailroom teams have to manually create a process to receive, log, store, and dispatch care packs to hundreds of intended recipients all in a day.

To answer the call for a more effective and automated way, WINN Solutions developed WITS, an internal package tracking software specifically for colleges and universities.

How Mailroom Package Tracking Works

The internal package tracking software designed by WINN Solutions is easy to use and implement. Here’s how it works:

WITS automates outdated university mailroom functions by cataloging incoming parcels and packages with bar codes.

The bar codes are scanned on each pack with a portable handheld scanner. What used to take minutes to write down on pen and paper now takes a literal second to complete.

Charting care packs for accountability purposes are just the beginning. The software does more by keeping track of every time a package exchanges hands with the use of bar code scanning.

The Top Benefits of University Mailroom Package Tracking

Now that you know how it works, let’s explore the not so obvious benefits of internal package tracking software:

  1. Improve Parent and Student Satisfaction – With internal package tracking software, parents get notified when care packs are received in hand.
  2. Track Down Lost Packages – Finding a mailroom without lost packages is a rarity as human errors do occur. In the event that a package is misplaced, an internal package tracking software can easily tell managers the last location. Rather than spending hours or even days backtracking the package’s previous whereabouts, University mailrooms using this type of software are able to track internal packages in seconds.
  3. Reduce Overtime Costs – Internal package tracking ultimately enables University mailrooms to operate like well-oiled machines. The system reduces overtime hours where mailroom managers have to sort through, organize, dispatch and track all care packages manually.

Integrate Internal Package Management

Heavily populated Universities with front offices or dedicated mailroom centers now have a chance to transform manual and labor-intensive processes into simplified dispatch centers.

Request a demo or call WINN Solutions at +1 (800) 806-6884 to learn more.

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